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The Legend of Silk Road: The Exhibition of Yuhong's Tomb Stone
Time:2019.08.30 ~ 2019.08.30
Address:Australian National Museum of Art, New South Wales
Shanxi Museum has a rich collection and exhibition of Northern Dynasty art in China, and its protection and research are also well-known. This exhibition featured cultural relics from the Northern Qi Dynasty to the Sui Dynasty related to cultural exchanges between China and the West. Through these exotic cultural relics and treasures, the grand occasion of ethnic integration and Sino-Western exchanges in the middle and late sixth century A.D. is displayed. There are not only conflicts among different civilizations, but also coexistence and co-prosperity. Inclusion and absorption form a rich and colorful Chinese civilization. Among the exhibits, there are 13 stone panels, 2 stone lions and 4 stone figurines unearthed from Yu Hong's tomb. The white stone tablets of the Han Dynasty can be called "the combination of Chinese and Western", on which relief pictures are painted and partially depicted in gold. The contents include banquet, music and dance, hunting, home and travel, etc. They have strong Central Asian and Persian styles and distinct Zoroastrian nature, showing the unusual foreign cultural background of the grave owners and full of exotic customs. It is of great value in the study of cultural exchanges between China and the West.