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Shanxi Jin Dynasty Opera Brick Carving Art Exhibition
Shanxi is one of the birthplaces of Chinese opera, with rich and colorful opera cultural relics, known as the "home of Chinese opera art". Since the 10th century (the Northern Song Dynasty), especially in the Jin and Yuan Dynasties, Shanxi has become a fertile land for the growth of opera art because of its rich economy and prosperous culture. Brick carving is a traditional folk art of architecture and tomb decoration. In recent years, a large number of opera brick carvings have been unearthed in Shanxi Province, reflecting the ancient Shanxi people's love and obsession with opera, and also showing the world a simple treasure house of folk brick carvings.
The exhibition selected more than 90 groups of exquisite brick carvings unearthed in Shanxi during the Song and Jin Dynasties and divided them into four units. Among them, the contents of social fire, Geisha music, opera performance and filial piety stories are exquisitely carved and full of life flavor, showing the changing thread of the emergence, development and maturity of opera art.
Exhibition site requirements: 300 - 400 square meters; cabinet temperature 20 - 25 C, humidity 55 - 60%; lighting does not contain ultraviolet light, with color painted cultural relics illumination less than 50 LUX.